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Bardi Puts Away His Wife.

Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #34

Now it is to be told of Illugi that he cometh upon the field of deed, and seeth there things unlooked for, and great withal. Then sang Tind a song when Illugi asked how many they had been:
     "The stem of the battle-craft here was upbearing
     His spear-shaft with eight and with ten of the ash-trees
     That bear about ever the moon of the ocean;
     With us five less than thirty men were they a-fighting.
     But nine of the flingers of hail of the bow,
     Yea, nine of our folk unto field there have fallen,
     And surely meseemeth that dead they are lying,
     Those staves of the flame by the lathe that is fashioned.

"Of the North the two cravers of heirship from Eid In the field are they fallen as seen is full clearly, And Gudbrand's two sons they fell there moreover, Where the din of the spear-play was mighty mid men. But never henceforward for boot are we biding; Unless as time weareth the vengeance befall. Now shall true folk be holding a mind of these matters, As of sword-motes the greatest ere fought amongst men."