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The Chasing Of Bardi.

Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #34

Now must it be told what tidings Bardi and his folk see. He rideth the first of them, and somewhat the hardest, so that a gate's space was betwixt him and them; but they rode after him somewhat leisurely, and said that he was wondrous fearful.

Now see they the faring of men who chase them, and that flock was not much less than they themselves had. Then were Bardi's fellows glad, and thought it good that there would be a chance of some tale to tell of their journey.

Then spake Bardi: "Fare we away yet a while, for it is not to be looked for that they will spur on the chase any the less."

Then sang Eric Wide-sight a stave:

     "Now gather together the warriors renowned,
     Each one of them eager-fain after the fray.
     Now draweth together a folk that is fight-famed,
     Apace on the heathways from out of the Southland;
     But Bardi in nowise hard-counselled is bidding
     The warriors fare fast and be eager in fleeing
     The blast of the spear-storm that hitherward setteth,
     The storm of the feeders of fight from the South."