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Portents At Walls.

Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #34

Now must somewhat be told about the men of that country who now come into our matter. Thorbiorn Brunison rose up early at Walls, and bade his house-carle rise with him. "To-day shall we fare to Thorgaut to the stithy, and there shall we smithy."

Now that was early, just at the sun's uprising. Thorbiorn called for their breakfast, and nought is told of what of things was brought forward, but that the goodwife set a bowl on the board. Thorbiorn cried out that he was nought well served, and he drave the bowl betwixt the shoulders of her. She turned about thereat, and cried out aloud, and was shrewish of tongue, and either was hard on the other.

"Thou hast brought that before me," said he, "wherein there is nought save blood, and a wonder it is that thou seest nothing amiss therein."

Then she answereth calmly: "I brought nought before thee which thou mightest not well eat; and none the worse do I think of the wonder thou seest, whereas it betokens that thou shalt be speedily in hell. For assuredly this will be thy fetch."

He sang a stave:

     "The wealth-bearing stem that for wife we are owning,
     The black coif of widowhood never shall bear
     For my death; though I know that the field of the necklace
     All the days of my life neath the mould would be laying:
     She who filleth the ale round would give for my eating
     The apples of hell-orchard.  Evil unheard of!
     But that wealth-bearing board now will scarcely meseemeth
     Have might for the bringing this evil about."