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Of Biorn Ketilson and Thorolf Most-Beard.

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Biorn the son of Ketil Flatneb was in Iamtaland till Kiallak the earl died; he gat to wife Giaflaug the earl's daughter, and thereafter fared west over the Keel, first to Thrandheim and then south through the land, and took to himself those lands which his father had owned, and drove away the bailiffs that King Harald had set over them. King Harald was in the Wick when he heard that, and thereon he fared by the inland road north to Thrandheim, and when he came there he summoned an eight-folks' mote; (1) and at that mote he made Biorn Ketilson outlaw from Norway, a man to be slain or taken wheresoever he might be found. Thereafter he sent Hawk High-breeks and other of his warriors to slay him if they might find him. But when they came south beyond Stath, the friends of Biorn became ware of their journey and sent him tidings thereof. Then Biorn got him aboard a bark which he owned, with his household and chattels, and fled away south along the land, because that this was in the heart of winter, and he durst not make for the main. Biorn fared on till he came to the island called Most which lies off South-Hordaland, and there a man hight Rolf took him in, who was the son of Ornolf the Fish-driver. There lay Biorn privily the winter through. But the king's men turned back when they had settled Biorn's lands and set men over them.

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(1)  "He fared by the inland road north to Thrandheim, and when
     he came there, he summoned an eight folks' mote."  This
     assembly consequently consisted of spokesmen from the eight
     folks (fylki), which formed the political as well as the
     geographical extent of what, for want of a better name, we
     might perhaps term the province of Thrandheim.  These eight
     folks were, taken in order of their geographical position,
     from south to north: the folk of Orkdale (Orkdaela-fylki);
     of Gauldale (Gauldaela-f.); of Strind (Strinda-f.); of
     Stiordale (Stjordaela-f.); of Skaun (Skeyna-f.); of Verdale
     (Verdaela-f.); of Spar-biders (Sparbyggja-f.); of Aun
     (Eyna-f.).  All these folks had their common folk-mote at
     the Thing of Eres (Eyrathing) within the site of the present
     city of Drontheim.