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Strife At The Thorsness Thing;
Snorri Goes Between.

Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #33

At this Thing Thorgrim Kiallakson and his sons strove with Illugi the Black about the jointure and dowry of Ingibiorg, Asbiorn's daughter, the wife of Illugi, which TiI1forni had had in wardship.

At the Thing great storms befell, so that no man could come to the Thing from Midfell-strand, and a great drawback to Thorgrim's strength it was that his kin might not come.

Illugi had a hundred men and those a chosen band, and he pushed the case forward; but the Kiallekings went to the court, and would fain break it up.

Then there was a mighty throng, and men made it their business there to part them; but so the matter went, that Tinforni had to give up the money according to Illugi's claim. So says Odd the Skald in Illugi's lay:

     "It was west at the Thorsness Thing fray was there foughten,
     And there was the man by hap ever upholden;
     The staff of the song from the helm that upriseth
     Was a-claiming the dowry amidst of the Mote.
     So the fair load of Fornir's scrip fell in the ending
     To the keen-witted wight one, the warrior that feedeth
     The swart swallow's brother that flits o'er the fight.
     But no easy matter was peace unto menfolk."